What is our goal?

We have two simple goals - (1) to create the best geographic hazard data available and (2) make it free for every person in the United States to see the risks around their property.

HazardHub’s third-generation geospatial risk files are created by converting very large data sets of long-run hazard data into meaningful analog information that can be used to make informed decisions about the probability and severity of specific risks.

HazardHub scientists begin with massively large data sets of hazard events compiled from multiple sources. We model, enhance, and reduce this data into an easy to understand A-F array. Like in school, A's are great. F's...not so much. We put every risk in a specific geographic area into a property "report card" that provides a comprehensive view of what might go wrong in your chosen property.

Our Twitter feed @hazardhubUSA shows a good example of our work